Soluna Sanctuary is established within 10 acres of lush vegetation filled with native fauna and  flora to explore and examine. Cacao, coffee, plantain, pineapple and much more fruits and vegetables are cultivated there. It keeps the eco-system flourishing with native birds, animals from the near by jungle as well as insects creating a rich bio-diversity that functions organically. The uncultivated section of the farm provides sanctuary to a wide variety of Owls, Ravens, Finches, Cranes, Hummingbirds and the Blue Crowned Motmot just too name a few.

At Soluna Sanctuary, we recognize the modern world has separated the human connection from nature. Our aim is to re-integrate the human experience with nature through farming, medicinal herbs, massage and tea therapy and the exquisite sounds within our nature trails.

Kimberly and Luis
founder and owner of Soluna Sanctuary