There is nothing better after a day of surfing then a good massage which helps your muscles relax. Especially if you just have started with surfing, may places in your back and shoulders start to hurt that you never even knew existed.

A massage is not only meant for feeling great, a massage therapy has a lot of health benefits that can help prevent injuries and soothe muscle tension allowing for a better sleep at night. The next day you will be in a good condition and be able to perform better.

Kimberley, our massage therapist, has experience for over 11 years. Her quality skills come from traveling and collabrating with indigenous healing traditions from Chinese Tuina techniques to Andean plant medicine being applied during her sessions.

She is licensed in manual lymphatic drainage, joint mobilization, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, cranial sacral, prenatal and sports massage. Kimberly uses a collaborative approach to reaching the specific goals of her clients.